Leading the Field in Specialist Maritime Security.

Leveraging Decades of Government and Military Experience
Meeting Challenges in High Risk Maritime Environments

Piracy is an increasing concern in major shipping areas. Yearly, hundreds of ships are attacked, ranging from private yachts and coaster vessels to oil tankers. The impact on any company targeted is severe;
· Credibility of the shipping firm is thrown into question
  perceived as vulnerable
· Massive financial losses incurred by loss of
  equipment and cargo
· Insurance rates for company and industry skyrocket
· Potential hostage/loss of life scenarios
Anti-piracy measures should be used to counter the threat of piracy. Drawing on 20 years experience in maritime defense and security, Tethys provides adaptive, versatile protective solutions that could mean the difference between a smooth, uncompromised delivery of your cargo and a piracy situation costly in resources, time, money and potentially human life.
We provide a range of services including, but not limited to: defense articles procurement and logistics, international management, relations with law enforcement and governments and mobile training - preparation for attack.

With local offices in the US and Singapore, agents in Thailand and active intelligence bases on piracy hotspots in all major shipping lanes such as the Straits of Malacca and the Gulf of Aiden, Tethys is a leader in the emerging market of specialist maritime risk management.